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About me

Antonis Politakis Photography-Cinematography Wedding , Baptism , Next Day, Fashion, Portrait Professional, Boudoir, Matenity
Φωτογραφία - Κινηματογράφηση, Γάμοι,  Βαπτίσεις, Next Day

I was born in Athens and I come from the beautiful island of Crete. From an early age I was involved with photography in particular by photographing the holy sacrament of marriage and baptism.

After graduating from high school I studied photography at a private school and also worked in the photography studio of my father.
In 2009 I opened my own studio "Antonis Politakis Photography" in the neighborhood where I was born, grew up and continue to live, and then live the dream. A childhood dream that I managed to do a reality and everyday life.

After many years with great effort, searching for new techniques of photography, attending seminars by renowned photographers in the world and of the credit received from my clients I created and I adopted my own personal style to wedding, baptism photography, portaits and fashion. A style that has made better photographer, has brought through many competitions in Greece and abroad, close to discrimination, but above all has brought very close to what you ask.

I photograph with respect to me, to my art and to you first of all. The photos reflect the personality of each one from inside his feelings. With emphasis on the intensity of the moment with small doses of artistic photography influenced by fashion and modern print magazines deliver photos to you that make you understand that a picture has so much power and magic.

People photographing and photographed, what I'm asking from myself is that I can impress the grandeur of every human being through my camera.